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Parent of Football player from Florida

Pro Impact Sports was amazingly helpful in the recruiting process for my son. The exposure, the college road trips, and the relationships they already have with most of the colleges that were recruiting my son made it easy for my family to be able to talk to different colleges, understand the NCAA rules, and the entire recruiting process. Pro Impact Sports created the highlight films every year, making my job as a parent super easy. Breaking down the differences at over 30 college choices that my son had to select from would not have been as successful without the staff at Pro Impact Sports. They made my son life and my family life during the entire recruiting process, informative, fun, and enjoyable. 

Chris Cunningham Sr. Parent of 2015 Football player from Florida

"Pro Impact Sports has been very instrumental by helping my son become a highly recruited student athlete. Pro Impact keeps you informed and updated daily. Most important the staff at Pro Impact is professional and great role models men inspiring to reach their dreams to becoming student athletes. I contacted Pro Impact and started seeing results immediately. My son currently has 16 D-1 offers now thanks to Pro Impact Sports recruiting services. Personally i see Pro Impact as a blessing for all student athletes chasing their dream and having the opportunity to further their education."

Rodney Blunt, Parent of 2015 football player from Florida

‚Äč"Our family would highly recommend Pro Impact Sports recruiting services. We felt our son had enough talent to play football on the collegiate level and tried several times to get his and profiles published and we wasn't successful. Once we were introduced and signed up with Pro Impact our phones started ringing off the hook. They got his profiles published on all the major recruiting sites. His highlights link went from 350 views to over 1,000 views within a couple weeks. He received his first Division 1 scholarship offer 3 days after signing with Pro Impact Sports recruiting services. He has been interviewed by college coaches across the country. My sons athletic and academic skills are no longer a secret among college recruiters. As a family we appreciate how fast Pro Impact Sports exposed our son and assisted us in the process. They are always available, honest and extremely professional."        Thanks Pro Impact Sports

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2015 ESPN #1 rated Cornerback